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Machine Vision

What is machine vision?

Machine vision encompasses a number of fields but typically includes systems that use video cameras (CCD or CMOS sensors), robots or other devices, and computers (PC's, embedded systems) to visually analyze an operation, activity, or item. Typical uses include automated inspection, factory automation, optical character recognition, part inspection, human enhanced defect determination, and other non-contact applications.

Camera Lens

Why use machine vision?

Machine vision is most effectively used:

  • When performing the same measurement over and over
  • When there is a need to precisely measure an item
  • When there is a need to quickly measure an item
  • When there is a need to find small to microscopic features or defects
  • When there is a need to track an item over time
  • When a part cannot or should not be touched, but needs to be measured or recorded

Some of the most common uses are:

  • Eliminating RSI in humans
  • Eliminating human fatigue (the computer never gets tired)
  • Ensuring 100% part inspection
  • Improved quality assurance
  • High speed tracking and analysis
  • Dangerous material observation and measurement
  • Security
  • System or production feedback

Modern day usage of machine vision

Most modern day machine vision systems encompass more that just a camera and a computer. They are part of larger systems that include conveyors, robots, diverters, sensors, human feedback devices, mulitspectral or limited spectral lighting, sophisticated software packages and algorithms, databases, networks, and much more. Many engineering disciplines are needed to build these systems (software, mechanical, and electrical).

Smaller systems are setup for research and development while larger systems integrate with currently established systems on factory floors.

Is machine vision the answer to my engineering or inspection needs?


Machine vision might be the best solution, but it is not some magical universal problem solver. That is why Camrix Engineering looks at non-machine vision solutions as well. Our goal is to provide the best solution of the highest quality to help our customers succeed at whatever task they have in mind. The best way to see if Camrix Engineering can help is to contact our sales engineers. There is no question that you might have, that we won't be happy to answer.