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Project Gallery 1

Camrix has experience with many types of projects including: OCR, defect detection, defect analysis, embedded systems, capital equipment, food analysis, livestock identification, and many more...

Below are some of the projects that we have done.

Car License Plate Car License Plate Car License Plate

License Plate Locator

Purpose: To locate and save license plates for all cars traveling through a toll station. This application needed to run 24/7 365 days a year.

Exciting Technology: Created a custom image processing algorithm to locate license plates; even on white vehicles.

Related Industries: Automobile, Auto, Toll booth, Car, Highway, Interstate, State


Underwater Submarine Camera

Fish Tracker

Purpose: To record the passage of fish through a fish dam for later species identification.

Exciting Technology: Created a custom algorithm to detect motion (similar to current security systems) that dynamically adjusts for turbidity and changing lighting conditions.

Related Industries: Fish, Wildlife, State


Cardboard Potato Shipping Box Cardboard Potato Shipping Box

Box Identification and Sorting

Purpose: Designed for major food processing and distribution plant to sort boxes of potatoes and potato products. Sorted simultaneously on three lines using three separate cameras . The application needed to run 24/7 365 days a year.

Exciting Technology: After initial installation and configuration, system has run over three years with no need for maintenance or adjustment and has sorted millions of pounds of potatoes.

Related Industries: Potato, Packaging, Sorting, Boxes


Playing Card Playing Card

Card Identifier

Purpose: To identify cards via a machine and remove any human interaction. Used in Las Vegas to allow blackjack dealers to know when to hit/stand.

Exciting Technology: Created using PC-104 Plus embedded computer modules and lipstick cameras. Can train multiple decks.

Related Industries: Gambling, Casino, Cards


Catlytic ConverterCatlytic Converter

Catlytic Converter

Catlytic Converter

Catlytic Converter

Catalytic Substrate Inspection Systems

Purpose: To measure gas and diesel catalytic substrates. Measurements include: percentage plugged, contour validation, height validation, end cuts (perpendicularity), face gouges/cracks/chips, side gouges/cracks/chips, print verification, and cell wall thickness

Exciting Technology: Helped to create suite of software modules to perform listed inspections. Final system is combination of multiple PC's, PLC, printer, conveyors, optical triggers, diverter, and more.

Related Industries: Automobiles, Cars, Catalytic Converters, Manufacturing


Soda Plastic Carrying Crate

Crate Inspection System

Purpose: To inspect soda crates for cracks and defects and remove them before employees could injure themselves by picking up a defective crate.

Exciting Technology: Used mirrors to see both sides of a crate at the same time and to make measurements on three sides of the crate simultaneously using a single camera.

Related Industries: Cola, Crates, Food Processing


Metal Data Matrix Metal Data Matrix

Metal Data Matrix Reader

Purpose: To read data matrix codes that were made out of metal and placed on pipes for the oil industry.

Exciting Technology: Able to read data matrix codes that were made out of metal and had challenging reflective lighting issues.

Related Industries: Oil, Pipe


Fiber Optic Connector

Fiber Optic Alignment

Purpose: To provide feedback to a robot that was placing fiber optic bundles into a cap end. This allowed the robot to operate faster and prevent the breaking of the fiber strands.

Exciting Technology: Create a vision .dll that interacted with LabView. All results were returned to the LabView application.

Related Industries: Fiber Optics, Robot


Multiple Camera Simultaneous Acquisition Multiple Camera Simultaneous Acquisition

Multiple Camera Simultaneous Image Capture

Purpose: Created a system to simultaneously capture pictures from five black and white cameras and a color camera. The cameras were aligned to take pictures of peoples faces and reconstruct them in 3D.

Exciting Technology: All cameras are triggered within nanoseconds of each other. Created a custom PNG algorithm to handle 16 bits/plane color data (48 bits/byte).

Related Industries: Machine Vision, Imaging