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Camrix has experience with many types of projects including: OCR, defect detection, defect analysis, embedded systems, capital equipment, food analysis, livestock identification, and many more...

Below are some of the projects that we have done.


Road Sign on Interstate

Interstate Sign Inventory System

Purpose: To record signs (exit, interstate, bridges, etc.) for documentation by the state.

Exciting Technology: Camera system mounts in van and gathers images by a trigger connected to the vehicles tire. The faster the van moves, the faster images are taken.

Related Industries: State, Highways, Interstate, Roads, Inventory


Rubber Sample

Rubber Sample Inspection

Purpose: To record crack length in rubber samples over time to determine the best rubber formula. Samples are measured, subjected to heat/stress and measured again.

Exciting Technology: System interfaces with oven and test system strictly via DIO (Digital Input/Output) channels.

Related Industries: Tire, Rubber, Automobile


Silicon Wafer Magnified Silicon Wafer Magnified

Lithography Stepper Feedback

Purpose: To analyze both sides of a silicon wafer and provide feedback to the stepper of fiducial offsets.

Exciting Technology: Hi-mag microscope used with narrow light bandwidth.

Related Industries: Lithography, Silicon Wafers, Fabrication


Underwater Camera Target Underwater Camera Target

Submarine Image Capture System

Purpose: To allow submarines to capture images for extended times for later analysis.

Exciting Technology: Able to save days worth of images. Created custom dynamic lighting (gain/iris) control similar to current digital cameras.

Related Industries: Sea craft, Water, Submarines, Aquatic


Tissue Sample Tissue Sample

Human Tissue Imager

Purpose: To capture and record color images of human tissue samples for later analysis.

Exciting Technology: Used single camera with filter wheel to capture high resolution color images of samples.

Related Industries: Medical, Tissue


Magnified Medical Needle Tip

Needle Bent Tip and Spur Identification

Purpose: To identify burrs on/in needles and to also identify bent tips. The goal was to identify and remove these needles during production so that they would not be used on humans.

Exciting Technology: Used hi-resolution image along with multiple lighting to find burrs inside of needle.

Related Industries: Medical, Tattoo


Metal Fabricated Board with Pins

Lead Find on Prefabricated Metal Boards

Purpose: To validate the presence/absence of metal leads on metal boards. The boards and the leads are a uniform chrome color.

Exciting Technology: Used reflection lighting to identify leads.

Related Industries: Factory, Automation, Production


Metal disk with dent

Metal Scratch Identification

Purpose: To locate metal scratches in metal disks. To the naked eye, the scratches appear to be invisible.

Exciting Technology: Uses special lighting to cause invisible scratches to appear as a dark line.

Related Industries: Factory, Automation, Production